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Various monitor type
by number of digits and display. ...more

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  • Description

  • · Various monitor type by number of digits and display.
    · Whenever customers need assistance, they can press the call button for the service.
    · Servers will know which table need service through displayed number on the receiver.
  • Specification

  • SR-2003N SR-330S
    Display FND (2 digits, 3 display) FND (3 digits, 3 display)
    Dimension W240 x L142 x H40mm W290 x L160 x H40mm
    Net Weight 500g 770g
    Color Black, Brown Brown, White
    Frequency Range FM 433MHz FM 433MHz
    Power Source DC 12V / 1A DC 12V / 1A
    Adapter Input AC100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.3A AC100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.3A
    Antenna Type ROD antenna ROD antenna
    Compatibility With all Syscall transmitters and the repeater
  • Features

  • · English voice guidance instruction
    · Various melody and voice call selection
    · Able to work with max 500 call bells (SR-330S is able to work with max 400call bells)
    · High quality sound speaker
  • Benefits

  • · Enhance customer service
    · Increase customer satisfaction
    · Reduce staff cost
    · Improve work efficiency


  • System map

    1. Press the call bell when service is needed.
    2. The call bell number will be displayed on the receiver
      with a sound.
  • SR-2003N system map