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  • Call Button
  • Call Button

New Transmitter with improvement
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Silicon button : Prevent breakage, water/dust infusion


  • Description

  • · New 3button transmitter
    · Mat finishing surface which make the transmitter look more premium
  • Specification

  • Number of buttons 3
    Dimension W54 x L54 x H11mm
    Net Weight 20g
    Color Black
    Frequency Range FM 433MHz
    Power Source DC 3V coin battery (CR2025)
    Battery Life Approx. calling 40,000 times
    Antenna Type PCB pattern antenna
    Compatibility All Syscall receivers, direct pager (SB-600) and the repeater
  • Features

  • · Three call functions (Call, Bill, Clear)
    · ‘Press button for service’: The indication is on the transmitter for customers who don’t know how to use it
  • Benefits

  • · Provide high quality service
    · Increase customer satisfaction
    · Reduce staff cost
    · Improve work efficiency


  • System map

    1. Press the call bell when service is needed
    2. The call bell number will be displayed on the receiver
      with a sound.
    3. The direct pager can receive call directly from the transmitters.
  • st800-3b system map

restaurant guest pager system